Unveiling the Journey: Indian Weddings and Their Prelude

April 25, 2024

Indian weddings are a vibrant tapestry of traditions, spanning beyond a single day. Let's delve into the build-up of events leading to the grand celebration, each imbued with its own significance and charm.

The journey commences with the Rokha or Sagan ceremony, often doubling as an engagement party. For many Punjabi couples, this marks the official beginning of their journey together. From intimate gatherings to grand receptions, we've documented countless moments, capturing the essence of newfound love and joy.

As the wedding day draws near, the Kurmai/Sagai/Magni event takes place at the Gurdwara, symbolising the strengthening of familial bonds. While these ceremonies are intimate, our Indian wedding photography service ensures that every moment is preserved with precision and care.

Moving closer to the wedding day, the Maiya/Haldi ceremony adds a splash of colour and tradition to the festivities. With our expertise, we capture the vibrancy of these rituals, ensuring that the beauty and significance are immortalised in every frame.

Sandwiched between the wedding and Maiya events is the bride's Chunni ceremony, a moment of quiet anticipation. Though modest in scale, its importance is undeniable, and we strive to capture its essence with our Indian wedding film and photography services.

As the festivities reach a crescendo, the Sangeet night takes centre stage, filled with music and joyous celebrations. We've witnessed the popularity of this event soar over the years, and it's now a staple in the wedding week's festivities, often entrusted to our skilled team for documentation.

Finally, the Jago pre-parties mark the culmination of the pre-wedding celebrations, with the Nanke bringing Jago being a highlight. With our wealth of experience in the wedding industry, we ensure that every